Faye Bryant

It’s impossible to pray constantly

As I write this morning, my background ‘music’ is a number of pastors along with community, state, and national leaders praying for our nation as part of the National Day of Prayer. I’m normally standing in a field hearing them in person. In this time when gatherings over ten aren’t permitted, I’m grateful that the […]

We can do the impossible

Just before Jesus spoke these words to His followers, that with God everything is possible, He and His followers had watched a rich young man walk away after hearing that to have eternal life he must sell all his possessions. His face dropped, his haughtiness about having kept all the commandments fell. His pride was […]

God doesn’t answer my prayers!

Psalms 130 starts as a prayer from the depths of despair, begging the Lord to hear and heed. I’ve been in those depths before, have you? Where there’s no way to look but up, but even then, you’re not sure God is hearing you? We humans are an impatient lot. We want instant rescue, and […]

Social media is of the devil! Isn’t it?

There are those who say that social media is of the devil, that it’s evil. There are some who believe that the internet is a horrible place. I just looked at the stats for my website last week. The numbers aren’t impressive as far as how many people visited, but the PLACES are. Almost every […]

WRONG: God won’t put more on me than I can handle.

I love this verse. I don’t love how people take it out of context. God said through the Apostle Paul that we are normal when we are tempted. He said that the temptations we face aren’t new or different than what every other human faces. He goes on to say that He is faithful to […]

Foundations of Purpose

The Truth About Purpose Every Amazing Person Like YOU Needs to Know In this new video we discuss fundamental purpose secrets that will help you know that your life has meaning. So if you want to start happening to life (without just letting life happen to you), check out this video right now! In this […]

You want to feel safe and out of danger?

God is our fortress? Our refuge? Our Strength? Sounds good.What does that actually mean? What is a refuge? It’s a place where we’re safe from pursuit, danger or trouble. God is our place of peace, where we are safe from pursuit, danger, or trouble. That sounds amazing, does it not? How many times have we […]

One thing that will please God more than all the sacrifices you can give

Can you imagine people choosing to offer sacrifices again and again for the same wrongdoing instead of making the changes to just stop doing the wrong? Seems it’s been happening for the longest time. So long that it was addressed in the Book of Proverbs, long before Jesus came. That’s been a while. Don’t we […]

Why do you choose fear over freedom?

There is so much to be scared of in our world today, but really, it was no different than in Isaiah’s time. He lived in a time where diseases ran rampant with no treatment and vaccines were unheard of. There were wars and unbridled crime. Yet Isaiah willingly shared these words that God spoke to […]

Okay, you’re afraid. Now what?

Are you afraid?In this worldwide virus situation, many are. It’s understandable. We are scared of the unknown. The shepherd-grown-into-king wrote, “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.” Note that’s not IF I am afraid. It’s WHEN. As in, it WILL happen. As in, I’m not immune to being afraid. I’m sure that when […]

How to make YOUR plans succeed

A wise man once said to commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. (That was Solomon, by the way.) Sounds like if we check in with God when we make plans, we’re golden, right? Not really. The original understanding in Hebrew goes more like this: “Roll your works upon the Lord […]

Loving God the right way

More from the Shema, the verses that our Jewish friends pray daily. Words that focus the mind and heart where they’re supposed to be. Just this morning I read the following words from Oswald Chambers, author of “My Utmost for His Highest.”Nothing is easier than getting into a right relationship with God except when it […]