Faye Bryant

Am I supposed to be afraid of God?

Fear God? But He’s supposedly so kind and loving. Why should I fear Him? I mean, is He some sort of Grinch waiting to take away my fun and life? Not so sure I want to be part of that. I hear you. We love to think that God is only love. We tend to […]

Finally! How to find God.

Oh how wonderful it would be to find God, right? But it’s impossible, because He’s in heaven and we’re down here. Except He’s omnipresent — everywhere all the the time. UGH! I’m so confused! It’s so hard for our finite minds to wrap themselves around our infinite God. He’s just something we aren’t able to […]

Be more than kind

Mercy. What did Jesus mean when He said “mercy” here? If we look throughout the Bible, we see the original words include the Hebrew “hesed,” the Greek “eleos” as well as “oiktirmos/oiktiro” translated to mercy and merciful. These words describe God’s covenant lovingkindness to His people and our compassion, pity, showing mercy, and sympathy to […]

You’ll never be perfect

Dear Believer who struggles with being perfect. Today’s word is for you. R E L A X. You can let go. You can stop striving — at least in your own power. No more trying to look perfect, say the perfect things, do the perfect things, be the perfect one. Just stop. You’ll never do […]

Have you eaten today?

What does this “bread of life” thing mean, really? It’s not like Jesus is my everyday sustenance, is He? Not in the way you think of eating a meal, no. Jesus is, however, the spiritual sustenance you need to get through every single day and each moment of that day. When we consider the daily […]

How to get God’s attention

Why is it we forget this concept of drawing close to God? Why is it, especially in the good times, we wander away from God like a toddler on an exploration? Then, once we face trouble, we throw our shoulders back, stand up tall, and take it on – on our own. Believer, we were […]

Did you get your gift?

Ooh! I got a gift! I got a gift! A gift from God? Like, the real true God? Every person who openly declares that Jesus is Lord and believes in their heart that God raised Him from the dead has received a spiritual gift from God. Every single one. Okay….. but what’s that mean? The […]

How to always get what you pray for

What are you confident about? Your smile? Your words? Your abilities at work? Your talents? This is one thing we can be perfectly confident in: when we ask for things according to His will (things that please Him) God hears us. Further verses tell us that He not only hears, but acts on our behalf […]

Want blessings?

What on earth does ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness’ mean? Am I doing it? How do I do that? What’s He mean, ‘will be filled?’ I know. So many questions for our 21st Century minds! I think if we break down the words and phrases, we’ll get it. Wanna try? Righteousness: right standing before GodHunger […]

The Wedding Day

It was cold that day. Really cold. Cades Cove had snow on the ground and we just hoped that the roads were open. No Twitter back then to tell us. I couldn’t find my pantyhose (that’s back when we wore them with our dresses.) Thankfully, Mary Weems rushed to Proffitt’s (it has been a while, […]

You need to prove you really know God

Believers, we are supposed to love one another. Even the people at that church. Even the ones who worship differently than us. Even the ones who look different than us. All of us who believe in Jesus as the Way, Truth, and Life are part of ONE ANOTHER – regardless of denomination. And this isn’t […]

Leave Your Pit Dwelling

I have spent a lot of time in the pit of despair. It was dark, smelly, and spirit-breaking. I was crushed. Emotionally, spiritually, I was drained. I could barely look up to the Light and whisper “help.” I have to say, there were several times when I cried out for help when it didn’t seem […]