Faye Bryant

God’s provision and your generosity

2 Corinthians 9:8 is a fine verse to take out of context to claim as one saying that God is going to pour out abundant money and good will on us. Except … when we read the chapter, we realize Paul was talking about donations from the believers in Corinth to the believers in Jerusalem. […]

Dividing between breath of life and immortal spirit: the Word of God

The writer of Hebrews – it’s still unsettled as to who actually wrote the book – uses powerful imagery in this verse. The people of the time were well aware of what a two-edged sword could do, many had likely seen one used. They were quite sharp. They denoted power and authority. Here we’re told […]

Prepare for attack

You will be attacked, Believer. Most likely today. The thing to remember is that the one you’re looking at is not your enemy. Not even the one in the mirror. Satan has set himself against God, but realizes he is a created being while God is not. He understands God’s power and that his efforts […]

Throw your anxieties

What are your fears and anxieties? How do they show up? How do they stop you? I deal with the twin fears of rejection and failure. One feeds the other and they can stop me in my tracks. Those are the basis for my perfectionism and need to control. Basically, that is where my codependent […]

Don’t hate your trials

Whoowee! Don’t we hate trials and tribulations? We simply don’t like them. We desperately beg God to remove all of them from our lives. But God has a different agenda. His plan, His desire, is to see believers mature into looking and behaving just like Jesus. That means what we desperately need is not for […]

Indeed God

Sometimes we need a reminder of who God is. Since He had Moses write these words, it’s logical to believe God knew that to be true. The Jews have recited the similar verses, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, as their Shema, a daily prayer, for thousands of years. Maybe we should too. When we have a full realization […]

Set the Lord before you … continually

Our faith walk is all about choices. We choose to follow Jesus or something else. We choose to obey God or self. We choose every day whom we will serve. The psalmist said, “I have set the Lord continually before me…” Kinda sounds like he was choosing God constantly, doesn’t it? Like he was choosing […]

Always be thankful!

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” Paul wrote to the believers at Thessalonica (now the city of Thessaloniki). Paul knew a thing or two about this topic, having been through shipwreck, snake bite, imprisonment and more. Simple. Straightforward. We’re all the time saying we […]

When they don’t ask for forgiveness

What do you do when the ones who hurt you don’t – or can’t – admit how they hurt you and certainly don’t ask you to forgive them? Some of my offenders were dead. Out of reach. Some were living lives so vastly different that my telling would harm them or others. Some, I had […]

Don’t be God’s enemy.

I love the way James wrote. Simple and straightforward. He could seem intense, his words not softened, but you get to the crux of the matter very quickly. In chapter 4, James talks about how our motives may be all wrong which leads to fighting among believers along with other acts that are like those […]

Integrity has eternal benefits.

Jesus shares a story with His followers about this dishonest estate manager who got fired and how he worked hard to make a soft landing place for himself by changing the invoices his boss’ clients owed. That made those clients really like him and his hope was that they would then provide him a way […]

Get Protection

When we accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation and started following Him, we traded our sinfulness for His righteousness. Paul talks about no longer trusting in his righteousness through keeping the law, but trusting what Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection did for him. Simply defined, the word righteousness means “right standing with God.” Believers have […]