Faye Bryant

Ooh, my goodness. This verse starts with a strong imperative. That’s close to a command. The intent is: DO IT!

Do what? We have to stop thinking we’re all that and a bag of donuts in the wisdom department. If we’re measuring by the world’s standards — which believers should never do about anything — we may seem wise, but by God’s measure be way short of that title. God gives true wisdom. The kind that can sustain and lead through any crisis or good time. The kind that lasts more than one statement. The kind that is not self-serving. Real wisdom comes from God. All we have to do to have that wisdom is to ask (James 1:5) and He will give it.

We’re to become fools? Like idiots?

No. Not like idiots.

It’s the internal thinking that needs to change.

It’s a matter of how you see yourself. Instead of thinking you’re the wise person handing out tidbits that people need to live by, you need to throw away that worldly discernment and recognize yourself as dull, without learning and scholarship. See, compared to the next guy, we may seem wise, but compared to the One who IS wisdom, we’re pretty much stupid. God won’t leave us there, if we’re willing to be different.

When we do this discarding and recognizing, we’ll start seeking wisdom in the right place and soon become truly wise. So wise, in fact, that the world will look to us for that wisdom and we can point to God as our Source.

Let’s stop trying to impress the people and acknowledge that we ain’t got it. Let’s humble ourselves and let God be God in our lives. One step, one moment, one day at a time. Then do it again.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Your words kill or heal.

You have the power of life and death, did you know that? That’s what the Book says. Right there in Proverbs 18:21. James also talks about the power of that little organ within us, so tiny comparatively speaking, and so mighty.

Words. That’s what we’re talking about. (It’s not about how well you can lick a lollipop or an ice cream cone.) It’s the words that come from you. Of course, we’re told that the things that come from our mouths are what is in our hearts, and God warns us that we must be careful. Edward Bulwer-Lytton said the pen is mightier than the sword. Power.

You don’t see it, huh? Okay, let’s talk.

We don’t knock people over with words, it’s true. However, we can speak life and truth into someone and watch them flourish, or we can speak death and lies into someone and watch them wither. IKEA did an experiment that shows this in action. You can see it here. Take a minute and view it then come back. https://youtu.be/Yx6UgfQreYY

All across the globe are people have suffered what we call emotional abuse. I am one. To hear – even in subtle ways – that you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, unloved, unliked, unworthy, not trusted, not trustworthy, useless, and other words like these takes a toll, even unto death. Maybe not physical death, but death of the spirit, mind, and soul — three-fourths of the person gone. There are people we see every day who are walking around physically alive but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally dead — because of words.

Conversely, people who have been told they are enough, they are worthy, smart, handsome, pretty, trustworthy, needed, and loved are people whose spirit, mind, and soul are alive and thriving.

In this time of Internet and social media, the tongue works its power through our fingertips with the same incredible power.

Here’s the thing: what each person learns, they pass on. There’s power in that tongue to move beyond this generation to the next and the one after that.

God has given us a mind to use, yet far too often we let that tool of life or death run wild without the mind engaged. That’s never good. We should always take a beat to think before we speak. Believers should take that breath to ask God if what they’re about to say is worthy, to examine if it is uplifting (Ephesians 4:29), then if it doesn’t measure up, leave it unsaid.

What we say matters. Even when said in jest. Many an insult has been delivered as wit. The sting may take a bit longer to be felt, yet it is just as deadly.

Let’s choose to speak life today. Let’s choose to type life today. Let’s choose to engage our minds before our tongues. And let’s watch to see what speaking life does for those to whom we speak.


Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Why isn’t God bearing YOUR burdens?

Praise the Lord, David said, noting that God is the the One who saves us, bears our burdens, and carries us daily.

Strong reasons to praise the God of our salvation. Strong reasons.

Uh-oh, you’re not feeling that burden-bearing? You don’t feel like He’s carrying you? Man! That’s hard, and I know it hurts. You feel like you’re the one God has forgotten, laid aside, and left behind.

Thing is, God hasn’t done any of those. God can’t lie. If He did, He would be sinning, and there is zero sin in God. So these words are utterly true about the Almighty. He has NOT forgotten you, laid you aside, or left you behind.

Well, why don’t you feel Him lifting your burdens or carrying you, you ask?

I don’t have that answer, I’m sorry. I can, however, posit some possibilities.

There’s always the sin-separates-us-from-God thing. The solution is to do as David did in Psalms 51: seek God, asking Him to reveal any sin in your life so that you can confess it and repent (turn away from it). God promises in 1 John 1:9 that He will forgive those sins and clean you up to the state of being able to enter His presence again.

Could it be that you’re holding God at arms’ length believing that you’ve got this, you’ll handle whatever burden you have?

Is it possible that God has been carrying you as much as you let Him, then you hop out of His hand, picking up your burden and walking away?

My friend, He won’t hold us so tightly we can’t move. He holds us safely, nothing and no one able to take us from His hand, yet He does so with an open palm, giving us the choice to stay or go. No. I am not talking about salvation here. I’m talking about this understanding that God is bearing our burdens and carrying us.

Often when we don’t feel like God is holding us up, it’s because we have chosen a different god. Anyone or anything we choose over YHWH is a god to us. Even us.

Look where you are. Are you in His hands, allowing Him to be God in your life or are you standing outside His hands, choosing to do it all or even partially yourself, making you god of your life?

Make the change today! This moment! Agree with God that you’ve made something else god of your life and that that is wrong. Ask Him for His forgiveness. Do this from a repentant heart determined to not do it again. He’s waiting. Practically speaking, as the habit of picking up your burdens kicks in, you have to intentionally deny it. Even say it aloud, “I’m not picking up that __. That’s God’s to carry, not mine.” Sit down in His hand. Rest there. Trust that He is holding you safe and secure and will carry you through all that seeks to destroy you.

Oh, one other thing: you’ll probably have to do this every day. At least for a while until it’s ingrained in your heart and soul.

Let’s let go of control of us and start praising the One Who really has it. Praise the Lord!

One last thing I almost forgot. When you see the word selah, do you wonder what it means? Yeah, me, too. It’s an instruction to pause and calmly think about what was just said. Hmm… need I say more?

Sacrificing our lives for our “sheep” is living like Jesus.

Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd. Then He said a good shepherd gives up his life for the sheep.

We know that he was talking about His coming crucifixion, but I believe He was also talking about His life.

We think about sacrificing our lives as dying. But what if it means more?

What if it means the dying to self Jesus talks about? What if it means instead of going out to do what I want, I choose to stay home and do laundry for my family? What if it means instead of watching TV, I choose to color pictures with my grandchildren? What if it means instead of going for a long hike in the mountains, I choose to help a family member clean house or wash a car or just sit and talk with them?

What if sacrificing our lives really means giving up our wants and desires to serve our “sheep” — our family?

We are such a me-first society, and sadly, that has reached into the Church as well. Seemingly gone are the days when the church leadership could say, “We need someone to …..” and a dozen people would volunteer on the spot. Now it seems that people are more concerned with whether or not they feel like doing it or if it fits their lifestyle that in helping where needed.

Sometimes we do things that need done just because they need doing.

Confession: I am not the one who will generally take up the dust rag and mop to clean the church. I’m much better behind the computer keys and in prayer. But if something came up that the regular dusters and moppers couldn’t, I’d take up the rag and mop and get it done. Not my thing, but meeting a need doesn’t have to be my thing.

Believers, we need to stop robbing ourselves of blessings by saying no to everything the church needs done. Whether it’s serving in the nursery or teaching some preschoolers or encouraging some youth, we can stand in the gap for those who need a break. Who knows, we might find out that that is exactly where we were supposed to be all along.

Sacrificing our lives for our “sheep” is living like Jesus.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

You don’t need that!

Do we know what our needs are? I mean, really? Way back when I was in school, we learned that our basic needs were food, clothing, and shelter. The Declaration of Independence says our inalienable rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Are those our needs?

“I’m pretty sure I need a car and a television and a phone; definitely a phone. I need that specific bed, and that celebrity designed furniture. Oh, I need my coffee and bookstores and money. I realllllly need more money so I can … uhh … so I can help others. Yeah, that’s it. I need money so I can help others.”

Do you really? Need, I mean? As in you would die without those things? Or would you simply be uncomfortable without those things?

Yeah, me too. And listen, I don’t like being uncomfortable. I mean, I adjust the thermostat often when I get too hot or cold, no matter the season.

Before Paul wrote these words to the church at Philippi, he declared that he had learned how to be content with what he had. When he wrote that, he was a prisoner in Rome. Strange to say you’re content then. Oh yeah, some have said it was basically house arrest. That would be kinda like we’re living now, in this moment in time with the coronavirus quarantines. Yep. Except he didn’t get to go to the market or anywhere else. He was at the mercy of others in a city where he was essentially a stranger.

Contentment. Do we have a clue how to be content with what we have? Look at your phone for example. What kind is it? Is it the latest and greatest? When did you upgrade? Are you making payments on it that are three times what your cell bill would be otherwise? Think about that. What wasn’t working on your old one? Oh, I know. Some of you got the new one because the old one stopped working or broke. Did you go for the gold to replace it? I mean, since you had to get a new one anyway, why not just get the best, right?

I won’t say I’m doing this right. Do not hold yourself up to me!
I’m toting around an iPhone 6. That’s several iterations old. Matter of fact, the support from Apple for it is waning. The reminders won’t sync with the new devices. It’s hard to live with this old, outdated piece of equipment! (Not really, work with me here.) I am choosing to be content with it. Heck yeah, I look through the sale ads my provider has to see if I can upgrade at least to an 8, but so far, the price is more than I can pay in full, so it stays in their warehouse and I stay content.

I haven’t used this example to condemn you. Merely to get you thinking. We could apply this to our clothes, our appliances, our cars, our trash cans even. Look at your stuff.

And there it is. Whatever we have, it is enough. It may not be like the neighbor’s. It may not be like what our friends have or even family. But it is what we have and it is enough. Even when it doesn’t feel like enough.

We need to step out of comparison and relative thinking.

We need to trust that Almighty God who designed and created us knows us enough to know exactly what we need and then provide it. He isn’t like us. His capability to remember doesn’t decline with age or distraction. He knows you. And He knows your needs much better than you. He also knows your wants, and sometimes…. sometimes He provides those, too.

Let’s choose contentment today. Read a bit more in Philippians and you’ll see that that choice will also bring peace. Who doesn’t want peace right now?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

How to be known as a child of God

Work for peace. Peacemaker. Work. Make.

Sounds like Jesus meant for His followers to understand that peace doesn’t just happen among mankind. I mean, just put a couple of innocent children together for a bit and at some point, one will take the toy of another and eruptions of feelings and desires occur, requiring the intervention of the Peacemaker.

Those who work for peace will be known as children of God. Known as. As in, understood to be.

Imagine that. Being noticed as being a child of God – not because you’ve said so, but because your consistent actions say so. Is there any greater honor?

I think that means that when we hear that juicy tidbit about you-know-who, we’re supposed to squash it. Right there. Say something that reminds the speaker that you’re not going to carry on that line of discussion. If the speaker has issues with you-know-who, we should get them together and help them talk out and reconcile those issues. Alone, without anyone’s posse.

I think it means that when two or more are arguing, we must never take a side. We can listen to both parties and hear what they’re saying, repeat it back to them… “I’m hearing you say _” so they hear a calm voice speaking back their impassioned words. We remain unflappable. We remain a place of peace in a moment of turmoil. We allow each to vent, but don’t agree. (Don’t you KNOW this is hard! We want to uh-huh or nod or say something positive, but we have to be sure that we don’t seem to be agreeing with what they are saying!)

In any case, we listen, gently interject truth, and love well. Realize, that loving doesn’t mean agreeing. It means loving despite the anger, the words, the ugliness. It means speaking truth when they don’t want to hear it, but doing so with a tender heart… with a longing for them to move closer to the Lord and away from their anger.

It is from our own place of peace with the Lord that we can offer peace to others.

Making peace among our children is difficult, but as the ones with authority, it’s doable. Same principles. Listen calmly, repeat their words back to them. If error exists, correct it. Love them.

Peacemakers, workers for peace, realize they must rely heavily on the Lord or they’ll be speaking into situations where they are most unwelcome and will not be heard. God gives the direction on who to speak to and how to do so. When we listen to Him and follow His lead, it will become obvious to all around us that we are children of Almighty God.

What an honor to be used thusly by the Lord!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Your doubt is killing you!

What needed words today, huh? Whose mind ISN’T filled with doubt and questions right now? This time we’re living is weird and constantly changing. Businesses are closed, jobs are on hold or gone, the stock market dropped deep causing many retirement funds to lose tons, church services don’t look like they used to, everything is in turmoil because of a virus we can’t even see.


Does it crowd into your mind, even though you’re striving to keep your thoughts on Christ? Does it feel like sometimes someone is pushing that gigantic battering ram of fear and doubt into your brain over and over?

Yeah, I get it. I’m living in this too.

Here, though, we see the psalmist say that in the midst of doubt and turmoil, God provided comfort that renewed hope and cheer. How can that happen if we can’t see God? How could hope and cheer be renewed when we can’t begin to find it?

Oh, Friend, I’m here to tell you, I don’t understand the hows, but I sure do enjoy the truth. I know that in the deepest sorrows I’ve experienced, God has met me there. No, not like I saw Him and we had a cup of coffee. I felt His presence through the comfort He gave when I cried out to Him.

In my deepest pit of despair, the time when my mind told me the only way of relief for me was to end my life — since I was saved, I would go to heaven, and the world didn’t need me anyway — I experienced this renewed hope and cheer. Over the 12 long years of living in that pit, I felt this renewed hope and cheer several times.

No, full relief didn’t happen the first time I cried out, that took me working with God to deal with that which was holding me fast in the muck and mire of my pit. But every time I cried out to the Lord, it seemed as though He was in that pit with me, lifting my head up, reminding me of my worth. Out of the blue, someone would call or I’d get a card reminding me that I was loved. “Out of the blue,” you know that’s code for “God did something,” right?

Today, in this fearful time, it’s so easy to slip into a pit of despair. I pray you reach up to the Father before you slide in. Seek Him constantly. Every time a doubt enters your mind, don’t be ashamed! Tell God about it. Pretend you’re a six-year-old tattling on someone. Spend time in the Word. God promises to meet us there, so if we devour it, we have fewer doubt-moments — or at least when they come, we don’t collapse in despair.

Beloved of God, every person of God you’ll read about in the Bible had doubts. That is NOT A SIN! Don’t be afraid to take that to the Lord as soon as you have a thought. He’s much more concerned with what we allow that doubt to do to us or what we do with it. Take it to Him immediately and drop it there. He’s willing and able to take it off your hands.

Trick is, you have to leave it lying there. Don’t even touch that baggage! Not even with a fingertip. Scoot. God has plans for you and this virus hasn’t changed that. Promise.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Don’t give your money!

That’s all God wants is my money! That’s all I ever hear preachers saying, “give, give, give!” I’m not doing it!

Errr... that’s okay.

Wait. What???

Yeah, it’s okay if you don’t give. God doesn’t need your money. That’s not what He’s after.

Okay, then, what’s He after?


He’s got me. I’m a Christian!

Umm, okay.

Let’s talk about 2 Corinthians 9:7 a minute. No, wait, before we do, allow me to share with you the Amplified Version of it. The AMP translates the original languages with more than one English word in many places. There are times when a Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic word means much more than the one English word generally used.

Let each one give as he has made up his own mind and purposed in his heart, not reluctantly or sorrowfully or under compulsion, for God loves (He takes pleasure in, prizes above other things, and is unwilling to abandon or to do without) a cheerful (joyous, "prompt to do it") giver whose heart is in his giving.

Shouldn’t our love for God be described this way? To say we love Him, meaning that we take pleasure in Him? We prize Him above other things? We are unwilling to abandon or do without Him?

As a believer in Jesus Christ, why wouldn’t you give? To the church, to charities, to your fellow human? You have been given so much. So much. Oh, I get it, you may not have much in the way of material things, but you have LIFE. Abundant life, according to Jesus. (How we warped humans have messed the meaning of THAT verse up!)

If we are focused on how we don’t have enough money to give, that money likely holds a higher place in our heart and mind than God does.

If we are reluctant to give our time in service to God and the people He loves, our time likely sits on a higher throne than God does.

Actually, the one we’ve placed on the throne isn’t time or money. It’s US. We have set ourselves up as the god of our lives.

Oh, Believer, examine you today. Allow God to take pleasure in you, to prize you above other things, to be unwilling to abandon or do without you. Become a cheerful, joyous, “prompt to do it” giver with your heart in your giving.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

You can be happy and enviably fortunate!

“What does this blessing thing mean? Will I have oodles of money? I need money. My job had to shut down because of this nationwide health crisis. I really need the money.”

I’m certain that there were those who heard Jesus say these words that thought their greatest need in that moment was funds to take care of their family with, too. Unsure if they’d have work the next day, not knowing if they would have enough to feed their children.

It was to these that Jesus said, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.”

The Amplified Bible expands the translation of the original languages to cause the English to explain what was meant. So many of those original words denoted concepts, not just the word. Let’s see how Matthew 5:8 is translated there.
“Blessed — happy, enviably fortunate, and spiritually prosperous–possessing the happiness produced by
the experience of God’s favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His grace, regardless of their
outward conditions — are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!”

So, if we are pure in heart, we will be:
Enviably fortunate
Spiritually prosperous
We will possess the happiness produced by the experience of God’s favor
We will be especially conditioned by the revelation of His grace, regardless of our outward conditions

“That’s nice, Faye. Where’s the money? I told you I need the money.”

We KNOW what we need, right? I think it’s more that as we look at our outward conditions, we THINK we know what we need. Remember those who came to Jesus for physical healing and He gave them the eternal soul healing as well? He knew what their real need was and provided it.

Here Jesus said those who are pure in heart (we’ll discuss this in a minute) will be enviably fortunate. Does that mean money or does it mean walking through situations with peace? Does it mean having all we want or does it mean having every need met? I believe that word enviably means that our “fortune” will be obvious to others. The peace, health, joy, life, laughter, all the intangibles our God freely gives, will be noticed by those who don’t have them and they will envy what we have. Does that include money? Maybe. But I think it’s so much more than money — it’s HIM.

Oh, my friend! To have happiness that is produced by the experience of God’s favor? To even experience God’s favor? Sign me up!!! Imagine being so conditioned by the revelation of His grace, not once, but as an ongoing experience, that outward conditions can’t mar it. Imagine not worrying about what is happening around you, even though you care deeply about it. Imagine knowing the things you need, money, home, healing, etc, but not being worried about when or where those things will come about.

These are available to you, even in this moment.

Pure in heart? How can WE be pure in heart?
I believe there is only one way. It is through the application of the blood of Jesus to our wayward hearts. It requires the acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary where He died for our sins. It’s belief that on the third day He rose again. It’s understanding that He is now alive and seated with the Father, always advocating for us. It’s speaking our belief aloud, declaring where we stand.

It is through salvation that our hearts are made truly pure. It is through the ongoing relationship with Him through reading the scriptures, prayer, and gathering with other believers that we maintain that purity.

Pure in heart? Those who are pure in heart will not only experience the blessings discussed above. They will SEE God. They will SEE GOD! Does that mean that God visibly shows up in their living rooms to discuss the happenings of the day? Probably not. But we do have the assurance that those who are in Christ Jesus will spend the part of eternity after our time on earth with God… in His presence. We will see God.

If you haven’t made the decision to follow Jesus, have never experienced the salvation He offers, contact me. We can talk about it.

If you’ve experienced His salvation, but you’ve wandered from that close relationship, trust me, you can go back to Him. He offers forgiveness and cleansing that makes you one of those with a pure heart.

Let’s examine us today. Are there any of our ways that are displeasing to the Savior? Let’s determine that we will put that away and move closer to our Lord. Let’s get this blessing and make our plans to SEE God Almighty Himself.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

What is your thinking doing?

God knows everything you’re thinking. Yep, He does. And that scoffing thought you just thought, too. Every good thought, every bad plan, every good or evil intent. He knows them all. Not only does He KNOW, he actively searches our hearts and examines them all.

Anyone look back over the past 24 hours and think that might not be a good thing?

See, God isn’t an inactive entity just hanging around in space waiting for mankind to destroy itself. No, He is a fully interactive God, working all things according to His plan. To have things work together for His glory, He has to do work on us.

We’re just not holy on our own. Not even on our very best day.

What does God see when He searches your heart? What secret motives are hidden there? They won’t remain hidden under the examination of Almighty God.

And look! God gives all people their due rewards — what they have coming — based on their actions.

Wait. What?

We have the secret motives, the thoughts and plans all going round and round in our heart and mind, but God gives grace. Those are not what we will be judged on.

Do you see it? “I give all people their due rewards, according to what their ACTIONS deserve.”

This doesn’t negate what Jesus said about our wrong thoughts equating sin. Instead, it shows a difference. We will all have thoughts that aren’t 100% pleasing to our Heavenly Father, but He gives us grace to see what we’ll do with those thoughts. We all have secret motives. Some born by seeds of sin — greed, power, and lust, while others are born of past trauma and fear. We ultimately have the choice to say no to those motives, refusing to take the natural actions that those thoughts and motives produce, and THAT is what God judges all of us on.

Good news, Believer! That thought you had, that temptation you faced and avoided? No judgment.
On the other hand, that smooth move you accomplished that you thought no one saw? You know the one.
Yeah, God saw that, and that action, along with all the others, is what determines your due rewards.

Anyone else looking back over their past week, month, year, lifetime? Remember, God forgives what we confess and leave behind. Allow Him to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. Trust Him to make you right in His sight by agreeing with Him that what you did was wrong. Then, note what that was and don’t do it again.

Today is the day. Let’s choose God over the thoughts and motives that seem to feel so good and so comfortable. Every time. Then again tomorrow and the day after. It’s a moment-by-moment choice, and we’re able to do it well.


Coffee, Bible, Journal

You need a heart fix

Have you been worried about the virus? the hoarding? the stock market?
Are you fearful of having been around people the past couple weeks who are potential carriers of the virus?
Have you allowed the fear and panic to seep into you and change you?

All these things that God has told us not to do?

It happens to us all, my friend. Even the man after God’s own heart experienced the heartache of breaking God’s laws and thus His heart. David penned this song after his son born of his adulterous, murderous affair with Bathsheba. He knew how he had treated Bathsheba was wrong. What he had done to Uzziah was wrong. What he had done to God in both was wrong, and he felt the weight of it.

This simple prayer in song changed everything. When his longtime friend made him realize God hadn’t been snoozing through his heinous acts, David confessed, declaring that he had sinned against the people and against God.

Then he changed his tune (repented). He took Bathsheba in as his wife and her son born of that marriage became king succeeding David.

Do you need to do this? This confession of what you’ve done? Are you a hoarder of resources that others need? Have you gone beyond self-isolation to full isolation, withdrawing yourself from all of society because you have allowed fear to overwhelm you? Are you treating friends and even family as though they are your enemies?

God tells us over and over to not be anxious, to not fear, to not let those thoughts fill our minds. Instead, we are to be content with what we have and give Him thanks for it, then ask for our needs from that heart of gratitude. We’re to treat people as though they are created in the image of Almighty God — they are. We’re to love our spiritual siblings, and uplift them.

It may not feel like I’m uplifting you right now, but I hope you realize I am. If these few words help you shed the thousand-pound weight of worry and fear, any pain in the process is worth it.

Release the worry and fear of all this chaos and uncertainty to God. He already knows what you’re thinking and feeling. Really. He does. And he knows that of your spouse, children, friends, parents, everyone. The telling isn’t to inform Him, it’s to let go of it so He can work in the situation.

Allow Him to calm you. Permit Him to pour His peace all over you and your family. Lean in to hear His voice instead of the voices that tell you the end of life as we know it is near. It may well be, but your Savior still holds you. Don’t fear.

Go ahead. Start telling Him. I’ll scoot on out so you and God can have this discussion alone. Go on… “Dear God, I need to talk to you…..”

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

Chase righteousness, get more

What do you know? With God, when we pursue things that benefit us and please Him, we find much, much more.

But Faye, what do you mean by pursue? Webster says it means “to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish; to engage in; to go in pursuit of.”

Other versions of the Bible say chase or earnestly seeks or craves or goes hunting for.

So, let’s consider that. If I chase after righteousness (right standing before God) and unfailing love, if I employ every measure I can get to obtain or accomplish that, I will not only get righteousness, I will get life and honor, too.

No, no. He didn’t drop the unfailing love. That’s not left off the list. It’s because of the unfailing love of our Heavenly Father that we receive these gifts. He is the One we seek.

He is love.

All love.

Perfect love.

Forever love.

Always love.

Unending, unconditional agape love.

Here’s some really good news, Believer: we don’t have to chase or seek very hard for this righteousness, but we must be cognizant of our relationship with the Almighty. If there’s separation between us, it’s not Him. It’s us, and we need to do something!

Paul wrote in his second letter to the Church at Corinth that we are the righteousness of God in Christ (5:21). Christ lifted all sin from our hearts and placed them on Him while replacing our sin with His righteousness. WHAT????

Think about that. Before you were ever a twinkle in your parents’ eyes, your sin was lifted from you and replaced with the righteousness of Jesus Himself. You only have to accept that sacrifice for you and follow the One who made it.

In 1 John 1:9, we’re taught that when we have sinned, and we will, all we have to do to be right with God again is to confess (agree with Him that what we did was wrong). He is always faithful and always just and still forgives us of the sin and makes us all squeaky-clean righteous again.

What LOVE!!!

If only we could fully grasp the fullness of it.

Let’s push toward that understanding today. Let’s strive toward righteousness. Let’s crave God and His righteousness and love more than our next breath. Let’s watch Him pour out life, righteousness, and honor on us. Then, let’s seek Him more.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.