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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

“Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord GOD is the eternal Rock.”

Simple enough. I already trust Him. We’re good. Day’s done.

Are you sure? Did you trust Him for salvation and let that cover the rest?

What’s trusting in Him really look like?

Here are some descriptors from the Amplified Version:
• commit yourself to Him
• lean on Him
• hope confidently in Him

We’re told to trust confidently in God. Confidently as though everything He has ever said is absolute truth and already done.

When we feel confident, it changes us. We even walk differently. We stride, head up, eyes bright, shoulders back, with purpose. There’s no wandering to the confident walk – not to say a confident walk through the mall won’t include stops in the stores, just saying it will be done with purpose.

And people will notice. Sometimes they will stop and watch. It’s not something we see a lot of anymore, an authentically confident walk.

Apply that to our trust in God. We believe Him. We love Him. We trust Him with everything from our next breath to world matters. We trust in His sovereignty and His power. We lean in to hear what He has to say and we walk tall in that truth.

Imagine if someone stopped you to ask why you look so purposeful and confident. That’s a wide open door to tell that one about the Lord!!!

Oh, but you’re asking why you should trust Him so much that you would commit yourself to Him, lean on Him and hope in Him?

Again, we look at the Amplified Bible:
• He is your fortress
• He is your shield
• He is your banner
• He is an everlasting rock

Battle terms.
He is your place of safety from which to fight off the enemy.
He is your protection from the enemy’s weapons.
He is your flag that identifies and unifies you with other warriors in the battle against your common enemy, also creating a rallying point for refreshing and restoring in order to return to battle.
He is your everlasting rock – a steady, unyielding place of strength and safety. Everlasting, that no matter how much comes against Him, He never changes.

God knows we need help in this battle of life. The enemy comes to us only to steal, kill, and destroy. God provides us the strength, the sanctuary, the weapons, and the army to stand against that foe.

So, back to the original question: Are you sure that you trust the Lord?

Let’s work on that commitment, leaning in and hoping. Make a conscious decision and take action on it. Lift up your head and walk confidently in that trust.

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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

Paul the apostle wrote a letter to the church at Corinth. This church had some real difficulties trying to live as the new creation they were amidst the corrupt culture of their city.

Here Paul was telling them about heaven being God’s presence, unfettered by sinful humanity’s inability to see Him face to face.

This little phrase was tucked in between Paul’s saying to be present in the body is to be absent from the Lord and to be present with the Lord is to be absent from the body.

I really love how the Classic Edition of the Amplified Bible shows the deeper meaning of the original words of this verse.

“For we walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor; thus we walk] not by sight or appearance.”

The part in brackets is the expansion.

Kinda blows the mind, huh? This walking by faith is much more than trusting God to get us home safely each day. There’s a degree of self-control expected in that walk, the expectation that we will walk our talk and do so with trust in Him and fervor for Him.

How are you doing in that sort of walking by faith? I know I need to step it up. I need to be sure that when I say God says this or that, I’m living my belief in that.

This is huge for me, because while I know God says some amazing things about me as His child, I don’t always walk in them. Knowing what He says, I should walk confidently knowing He loves me, believes in me, and even fights for me. I should never hear or accept the world saying I’m not enough. I may not be enough for them, but I’m enough for the One who made them. Can it get any better than that?

How are you doing in this version of walking by faith? What changes do you need to make? Let’s get started today.

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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

Today’s focus verse starts with a “therefore,” so let’s check out what was said previously.

Verses 23-24 say, “There were many priests under the old system, for death prevented them from remaining in office. But because Jesus lives forever, his priesthood lasts forever.”
Well, that makes verse 25 really pop, doesn’t it?

Let’s paraphrase it this way:
Unlike all the human priests, Jesus lives forever, He is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him.
>>followed by<< He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf. ‭‭ Now that’s a tad bit clearer, what’s it saying to us? The Israelites before Jesus only knew the system where they would bring their offerings and sacrifices to the priest to pay for their sins. It was a messy system. It was a flawed system and like most everything else, mankind had found ways to corrupt it. Enter Jesus, the perfect Lamb. The final sacrifice. The Way, the Truth, the Life. The only way to the Father. He was able to save all who came to the Father back when these words were written and He is able to do it today and He is able to do it forever. There is no end! But wait! There’s more!!! Seriously, there is more. Think about that person you contact every time you need prayer. That prayer warrior who really knows how to pray. You have great confidence that God hears that person, right? What if you knew you had God Himself praying for you? He (Jesus) lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf. If you are a believer, you are part of “their.” How cool is it to know that Jesus is your advocate before the Father? If accusations are leveled against you by you-know-who, Jesus is there, interceding for you. If sickness or grief or hardship or trouble is pressing in, Jesus is talking with the Father on your behalf. You can have extreme confidence that God hears Him. I don’t know about you, but that’s like a dozen B-12 shots at one time. It revs me up and causes me to rejoice. It makes me walk more confidently, it feels like a warm blanket on a cold day, like a sweet spring shower, like the best meal ever, like the hug of a loved one. It’s amazing that God intercedes on my behalf with God. Let’s rejoice today that our first order of each day is not a visit to the Temple to offer a blood sacrifice, that instead, Jesus has paid that price and is able to save us all if we come to Him for passage to the Father. Let’s give an extra shout for the faithful intercession by Jesus on our behalf. Coffee, Bible, Journal. _______________________________ © 2019 Faye Stoeffler Bryant

Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

Warning: we’re going to be talking tough here this morning. All truth, all in love.

Isaiah had listened to the whining and complaining of the people and answered them with, “Listen! The Lord’s arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call. It’s your sins that have cut you off from God. Because of your sins, he has turned away and will not listen anymore.”
Hard, harsh words. We tend to buck up at those words. We feel defensive. We want to lash out. “That’s not me!”

However, Isaiah spoke truth. God’s truth. Truth that should cause us to examine ourselves (Lamentations 3:40).

This separation between us and God only grows wider and deeper and more impossible to bridge as we go on without confession and repentance. He remains turned away from us, not listening to us.

However, (I was going to say “But,” but my teachers always said never start a sentence with “but.”)

However, there is a mediator who can and will bridge that gap. Jesus.

Jesus, who lived a completely sinless life as a man and was fully God all the time. Jesus, who was wrongfully tried, convicted, beaten, and sentenced to death. He went through this willingly.
Jesus, who rose again.

Jesus is the Mediator who stands between us and God, working out the problems. He not only bridges the chasm between us and God, He closes the chasm.

Most mediations require each party to compromise to some degree. God doesn’t compromise, though. He has no reason to. He is Almighty God. He is perfect. This mediation requires us to make changes to bring us into alignment with Him.

Jesus’ sacrifice for us, upon our agreement about our sin (confession) and our turning away from it (repentance), eliminates that chasm and closes the gap between us and the Heavenly Father.

God’s love For us is unending and unchanging. It is forever. Our choice to sin and stay in it causes Him to turn His face from us and refuse to hear us.

The best way to avoid that is to never sin, but since we do sin, we must ask the Holy Spirit to make us fully cognizant of each time we sin so we can confess it and repent right then so no gap grows.

Let’s examine our ways today. Let’s choose to return to the Lord, all clean and restored to righteousness by the King (1 John 1:9).

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© 2019 Faye Stoeffler Bryant

Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

Just walking distance from my house is a huge cavern. It’s an attraction that draws thousands of people every year. One of the most stunning and frightening parts of the tour is the Big Room.

In that room, guests must sit on the bench at the back wall. The guide describes how tall some of the stalagmites seen are – taller than the Empire State Building! The depth perception in that room is crazy because of the darkness. Unless you shine a light into it, you have no idea.

As guests sit on the bench, the guide gives warning that the lights will be turned out and that is is imperative they remain seated.

When those lights go out, the blackness is so deep you can feel it. Your eyes are open, but you can’t see anything, even if you hold your hand to your face.

Thankfully, the lights are only off for about 30 seconds or so, because even in that short time, the darkness becomes very frightening. Before the room lights are turned back on, the guide uses a powerful flashlight to point out certain stalagmites and stalactites.

Let me just say, you not only see the thing being lit up, you see a beam of light from the guide to the targeted place that looks strong enough to walk on.

I believe John knew not only physical darkness like in the Big Room, but spiritual and emotional darkness, too.

Sometimes that darkness is so thick you can’t breathe. It becomes oppressive, stealing your sanity and wellbeing. Sometimes it takes your life – whether physically or mentally.

The amazing thing is, one match, one candle, one lamp, one flashlight, one floodlight can make a difference. Even the smallest flame changes the darkness.

And no matter how small the flame, the darkness can’t make the light go away.

It’s the same in the spiritual and emotional realm. One spark, one candle can light up the darkness holding you captive. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the Light of the World.

Well, yeah, Faye, but where’s the switch to turn His Light on in my darkness?

Oh, believer! Your faith is the switch! Speak aloud to your darkness and declare simply, “I believe in Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.”

That doesn’t mean your darkness will be immediately erased or that a huge beam of light will shine down on you, but if you look hard, you’ll see a tiny light. Make your declaration again and again and see the light grow stronger.

>>>Disclaimer: There are many who struggle with mental illness that the change of thinking won’t help entirely. They must also receive help from trusted physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists. And that’s okay. <<< Even if you’re one who is taking medication to even out your mental issues, this declaration and bringing Jesus to the forefront of your thoughts will be helpful. And folks, the darkness will never blow out or snuff out THAT flame. Light your lamps today. Keep them burning. Make darkness keep its distance and allow the Light to invite others in. Coffee, Bible, Journal. ______________________________ ©2019 Faye Stoeffler Bryant

Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter we now call a book from a prison in Rome. He wrote it to the believers in Philippi. He was encouraging those believers to watch for false teachers, to choose joy in all situations and how to live in the midst of persecution.

The words we’re focused on today come right after Paul’s words about having God’s peace that surpasses human understanding.

Significant to note is that he declares again that he is writing to his brothers and sisters. Other believers. This is not something we can expect from those who are lost. They don’t understand (1 Corinthians 2:14).

He also declares this is “one final thing.” He is winding up his letter, but wants to be sure he gets this message across.

The Philippians were Roman citizens, but that didn’t stop the persecution for those who chose Jesus as Sovereign. They lived in very tumultuous times. Life could be terrifying. Then there were those who came into the church as leaders, but their teaching was false, filled with lies.

Paul didn’t say don’t be afraid. He didn’t say run for the hills. He didn’t say fight back. He told them where to fix their eyes. He told them upon what to think. He knew that when our eyes and mind are focused correctly, our heart is as well and we don’t fear the threats of the world and we see the false teachers as they are.

This seems so relevant to today, don’t you think?

With protests and riots and disagreements every day, when believers are called names, the nicest being “stupid,” when social media is filled with vitriol-filled rants about the roots of who we are, it’s very difficult to keep one’s thoughts straight. Our hearts vacillate between hurt and anger.

These words of Paul tell us in our here and now to fix our thoughts somewhere else.

That word “fix” doesn’t mean repair in its use here. It means to make firm or stable, to give a permanent form to.

When we choose to fix our thoughts someplace, we are creating a permanence for our minds and our hearts. Believer, do we want that permanence to be on the vitriol or on the Savior?

No, this doesn’t mean we’re to become Pollyannas, either. It means we see what’s out there, we recognize the danger, the hurt, the anger, and we choose to place it squarely in God’s hands (as if we ever held them in ours) and move our focus to the true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

We can look at and observe what is going on in the world. We might even join the conversation – only if we can keep our words and attitude Christlike. BUT, our focus must be on the things Paul described.

Follower of Jesus, hear me well, if you’ve jumped into the fray of politics and protests with both feet, giving as good as you get, you might need to confess and repent of that. That’s between you and the Holy Spirit. May He show you what you need to do. If He says to change, it’s so good to know that when we confess our sins, God hears and forgives and cleans us up from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9.)

There is only One who is completely
• true
• honorable
• right
• pure
• lovely
• admirable

That means our focus must always be fixed on Him. We don’t run from the world, we don’t hide, but with our focus on Him, we live in such a way that the world asks how on earth we can do that (1 Peter 3:15). Then we get to tell them about our Savior, our King.

Time to zoom our mind-lens in on Jesus today, huh?

#LifeChange #ChooseWell

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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

I don’t often use the Bible paraphrase “The Message,” but today, it struck a chord. This is actually verses 12-14 of Romans 6:

“That means you must not give sin a vote in the way you conduct your lives. Don’t give it the time of day. Don’t even run little errands that are connected with that old way of life. Throw yourselves wholeheartedly and full-time—remember, you’ve been raised from the dead!—into God’s way of doing things. Sin can’t tell you how to live. After all, you’re not living under that old tyranny any longer. You’re living in the freedom of God.”
That old life we were living was comfortable and enjoyable. It’s really easy to slip back into the habit. Sin is deceitful. It entices. It begs us to return. Our flesh longs for it.

We need to remember that we’re not being kept from doing things by laws that seem to prohibit all the good stuff. We are living, rescued from eternal death, raised from death to LIFE. Those old sinful ways, that sin that even now beckons to us, hold only death.

Let’s choose Life again today (John 14:6). Let’s choose to walk in the amazing grace freely given by God. Let’s choose to enjoy the freedom of God.

#ChooseWell #LifeChange

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Another Daily Musing from the Comfy Chair with a View

Do you remember you before Christ? Before you surrendered your life to Him? Do you remember the things you did? The choices you made?

More likely than not, those choices focused on what you wanted and what made you feel good. Even as a child, the things you asked for were what you wanted, what made you feel good.

Even if we were good people who did good things, serving in soup kitchens and giving to the poor, we did those things because it made US feel good.

When we change our path to follow Jesus, the old selfish ways should end. And for most people they do. Then comes the time when the shine begins to fade and we can slide back toward our old selfish ways, satisfying what we want.

Peter warns us about this. He tells us that back when we were lost, it was expected that we would act like lost people. We didn’t know any better. Once we’re following Jesus, however, we’re no longer lost and it’s no longer acceptable to act that way.

He gives the cure in the first sentence: obedience to God.

Since we don’t get audible commands from Him, the only way to know how to be obedient – or what to do to be obedient – is to read the Bible. There we can read the laws He instituted and the penalties His people paid for not obeying. We can read of Jesus’ time on earth and strive to emulate Him. We learn of the early church, how they treated one another and the work of His followers to spread the Good News.

Throughout that reading, we’ll feel this heart-nudge that is the Holy Spirit telling us to pay close attention to that section or those words. It’s our job then to pay attention and act on what we read.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are a child of God. We must choose to live as His obedient children which will prevent our sliding down that slope back to where we were before we knew Him.

Lean in today, friend. Reach for Him. Seek Him with all you are. Obey.


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