Faye Bryant

Be just and righteous

The prophet Amos was sharing what God told him to say to the people of Israel. It seems they were either blatantly disregarding God’s laws or doing the necessary by rote with no heart involvement. (Anybody saying ‘ouch’ yet?) I like Amos. He didn’t try to soften the message at all. He just said it […]

Check your thinking.

David might have been recalling his anointing as king of Israel when he penned these words. I believe God said to write them, but as he wrote them, maybe he remembered Samuel passing up all his strong, handsome brothers for him, the youngest, the ruddy shepherd. The prophet, Samuel, had told the family that God […]

Where does east end and west begin?

There is no place on earth where God’s name should not be praised. Even in the communist countries? Yes.Even in oppressive lands? Yes.Even in opiod dens and crack houses? Yes.Even in kidnappers’ lairs? Yes.Even in businesses? Yes.Even in schools? Yes. E V E R Y W H E R E Did you notice that God, […]

A dangerous question

David, King of Israel, wrote this prayer. He wanted to know how to please God. He declares “You are my God.” As in, there is no other God. Do you see, he is asking God to take over. It seems to me David is saying he needs more than a nudge, more than willpower, more […]

The most sensible way to serve God

UGH!!! That’s what I don’t like about this Christianity gig – telling me what I can and can’t do! Well, yes. And no. Even as a Christian you can do whatever you want to. It’s when we examine all God has done for us that we begin to see how valuable we are to Him. […]

No More Glances

When was the last time you looked in a mirror or caught your reflection in a window but didn’t really notice yourself? I mean, you recognized it was you, but as you walked away, you can’t really recall what that reflection showed you. Think about it. I’ll wait……God, through James, said that is what it’s […]

Walking by Lantern

Have you ever carried a lantern to light your way in the dark of night? It doesn’t light up everything. It doesn’t allow you to see everything. It also doesn’t light up behind you. It lights your next step. This is God’s Word to us. It lights up our next step, the path just before […]

Who do you trust, rely, and lean on?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus sometimes says, “He who has ears, let him hear.”? Could it be that the Creator knows that we often hear things but don’t really pay attention? And He said that thousands of years ago before the distractions we deal with were even thought about. How many times has someone […]

When health and spirit fail

I’ve had two bouts with cancer. I lived with depression for a lot of years. I feel this verse so much. Hearing the words, “we found cancer” is terrifying. For me the world went into super slow motion – or maybe it was super fast. It was a blur all around me. I didn’t know […]

Love like Him. Period.

Jesus was talking at length to His followers in these words later recorded by John. Here He tells those who have chosen to follow Him to love each other the way He has loved them. More than just telling them, He says it’s a command. I can’t help but believe the intent of these words […]

Suffering? It’s nothing, really.

Paul wrote to the believers in Rome: “But what of that? For I consider that the sufferings of this present time, this present life, are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us and for us and conferred on us!” These folks were really struggling […]

Consider the Harvest before you Plant

There’s a law of sowing and reaping that every farmer or backyard gardener knows: The more you plant,the more you harvest. One of my cousins farms for a living. He plants plenty, tends the crop, then harvests it. Were he to cut the acreage he plants in half or reduce the amount of seed he […]