Faye Bryant

Find comfort for your mourning

God blesses those who mourn? Grief sure doesn’t feel like a blessing. It hurts like crazy! Our hearts cry out for relief while broken beyond repair. Our minds are fractured and nothing stops the incessant tearful bleeding out. Dearest Believer, if your heart is irrevocably torn by the loss of someone you love dearly, I […]

Heaven > earth

Have you heard -or said – “he’s too heavenly minded to be any earthly good”? The thing is, God through Paul told us to think on the heavenly things and not the things of earth. I urge you, BEG you to read the entire chapter of Colossians 3 This is NOT instruction to stick our […]

Worship is necessary. And beneficial.

This morning our nephew Doug Bryant shared his heart quite transparently. His words are so beautiful and poignant and fit so well with Psalms 100:2. I’ll link to it at the end. We are all created to worship. Yes, even you who says you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Worship is more than […]

Sleep well, y’all!

A lot of the psalms that David wrote seem like a stream of consciousness where he is working through some sort of struggle. Psalms 4 is one of those. At first he is asking God to hear him as he goes on about those lying and trying to ruin his reputation. Then he declares the […]

What’s in your storehouse?

An upright or good person is one who is honorable and intrinsically good. One who walks, lives, and breathes integrity. He or she may stumble over what to say, the words falling out in strange order, but those words are still good. An evil person is one who is wicked instead of honorable and intrinsically […]


Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. In the sky, on the ground, nothing. Nothing will ever separate is from the LOVE of GOD. Talk about blessed assurance! Sometimes we misconstrue these words, though. We’re so human, aren’t we? Sometimes we leave out “the love of” and say that nothing separates us from God. That sounds nice and […]

Don’t love the world?

Okay, Faye, I’m confused. First I read, “For God so loved the world…” then this? That I’m not supposed to love the world? I thought I was supposed to be like God! •••••••• Ahh, that could seem confusing. I see that. It boils down to our love for the world is different than God’s love […]

Don’t try to impress

Oh, Paul! Did you know when you wrote these words that they were timeless? As the Spirit of Almighty God guided your mind and hand, did you realize that the words would be completely relevant in 2020? Since you knew that Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun, I guess it’s possible. Here […]

First Destination

As I head to bed, I wanted to share the news I got this morning. My initial goal was 160 and I’m four pounds from it. About three months ago, I changed that to 150, but have held onto the thought of 160 being my “first” destination. It’s exciting to have one’s destination in sight, […]

DON’T Give Up

Some days it’s hard to go on one more step. To be kind to the irascible one more time. To share one more time. It’s hard when you’re tired or struggling with your own. I hear you. God gets that. Might be why He insists we take a sabbath break every week. Whether or not […]

Trust is a mindset

Trust in the Lord.Make Him your hope and confidence. Easy, right? It’s easy to SAY. Yeah, let’s go with that. I can say I trust in the Lord, but when the rubber meets the road, do I? Do I trust Him to provide for that winter electric bill? Do I trust Him to provide the […]

The ONE requirement for real love

Let’s see some hands, who among us is always patient and kind? Great. Thanks. Again, raise your hand if you’re never jealous, boastful or proud. Thank you. See, none of are ALWAYS patient and kind. None of us are NEVER jealous, boastful, or proud. Does that mean we don’t love? Not at all. It means […]