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A wounded child

– from 2009

As I write this, I am 48 years old. I am an adult. A mother. A grandmother. A wife. A businesswoman. An employee. And I am a wounded child.

I shared something really important with my mother the other day. Something I really wanted to see excitement in her face about. Something I really wanted to hear her say she’s proud of me about. When I told her, the response was — let’s say significantly less than I anticipated. A soft smile, a statement and that was it.
My spirit was crushed.
I went to church yesterday where a young woman who is such a precious soul noticed my demeanor and asked me what was wrong. I told her my brief story. Her response floored me.

“I wonder if anyone ever told your mom they were proud of her.”

Wounded children are everywhere. Some of us are older than others, but we’re out there.
I want my mother to be proud of me, but I may not hear it, may not see it. I think she is, I hear that she tells all these other people about me,¬†but she doesn’t tell me.
Rather than wallow in that wound and pick off the scab, let us make changes. Let us be mindful of telling others — related to us or not — that we’re proud of their accomplishments. That accomplishment might be seemingly small, but to a wounded child, it’s major. Tell that one. By all means, brag about them to others, but tell them, too.

They need to hear it.

God Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us…

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, in exchange for which this blogger will share her honest opinion about the book.

God Gave Us ChristmasBoth these books by Lisa Tawn Bergren tackle some pretty tough subjects in a way that children can understand by using Little Bear and her family.

God Gave Us Love

Little Bear asks questions of her parents and grandparents that confuse even the greatest minds of our time.

The author, through her words, and Laura J. Bryant, through her illustrations, share the answers to Little Bear’s probing questions with a simplicity that is enticing to adults as well as children.

Neither book is touted as a theological study in how God gave Love or Christmas, but both handle sensitive topics very well. Lisa Tawn Bergen has a gift for breaking down these concepts for children in such a way that they know that God is real and that He loves them and that He gave His Son for them.

Note: These book are aimed at pre-school children or younger elementary age. Your ten year old might not appreciate them. Then again…

God delights

Psalm 37:23.

Ever consider that God delights in the details of your life? Says so right there.

Yeah, I know, I screw up, too. Like. Big. Time.

Then I go into what I call “my comfy chair” where I have my God-time. I can sit in this softly cushioned chair, and feel secure and snug, looking out at Rich Mountain. I can watch as the darkness moves out and daylight washes over the mountain. Some mornings, I watch wisps of clouds assemble then disappear. God hears me ooh and ahh over His handiwork as I am pouring out my heart to him,¬†drinking in His Word,¬†seeking wisdom and guidance. He hears my gasps of wonder as I look up and see the green of the mountain where just a moment before a cloud obscured any vision of it.

I believe He delights in that.

I believe He delights in seeing how I handle the details of my life. I sometimes picture Him with His hand to His head in frustration and exasperation saying, “Faye, c’mon! We’ve done this before!” Other times, I can see Him beaming as His child has been obedient and stepped forth in the faith He gave, and shined, bringing Him glory.

God delights in the details of your life. Finances? Schedules? Housework? Carpool? Children? Spouse? Food? Bible study? Education? Aging? Health?


Today’s’ challenge: Re-evaluate how YOU look at the details of your life and seek Him. Then, step back and let Him guide all those so you can delight in them, too.

(By the way, tomorrow’s challenge is pretty much the same — the days after, too.)