Faye Bryant

Hot Tears become Harvest Joy

The times of tears are so hard! We would love to skip them altogether, to never have to go through pain or grief or suffering. The thing is, pain, grief, and suffering are a part of living in this sinful world. Until Christ returns, we will live through those terminal diagnoses and watch our loved […]

Not Ashamed

“For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.” We don’t like to be embarrassed, do we? When we slip and almost fall; we’ll quickly look around to see if anyone noticed. Have you ever […]

Why God Forgives

How many times have we seen someone (or have been that someone) who is sorry for their ‘crime’ but it’s evident they only care because they were caught? Tears are shed, mourning commences, but it’s questionable whether the person grasps the enormity of what they have done. King David, inspired by God, wrote these words […]

Do Right. Walk Humbly.

This verse from Zephaniah comes after his rebuke of the nation of Israel. He urges the people to repent (turn) from their wickedness and make the necessary changes to atone for their anti-God choices. His appeal is for those who are humble enough to accept his rebuke. See, we humans are a predictable lot. We […]

Humble Like A Child

What does it mean to become humble like a child? Children are filled with wonder at everything. Their eyes widen with every new discovery. They sense the immensity of all that is before them. They ask “why” a lot, but it’s not the demand of “Who do you think you are?!” Instead, it’s the exploration […]

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Choose to Respond, not React

Far too often we choose to react rather than respond. We let our emotions of the moment rule the day and wreak havoc on all around us. Anger is not a sin. It’s what we do with it. Fear is not a sin. It’s what we allow it to do with us. Our emotions are […]

Choose to say no to evil-for-evil revenge.

Paul wrote these words in a letter to believers. He was giving them instructions in how to live daily and godly lives. They’re very apt for us today. Anyone who has paid attention in our world recently has seen frustration that escalated to extreme action. Road rage, shopping rage, jealous rage, political rage – pick […]

Worship That is Acceptable to God

When you see a verse that starts with “therefore” or “instead” it’s time to investigate. Often the words prior to that are very important to set the context, and we must always learn the context in order to correctly understand the scripture. In this passage in Amos, the previous three verses are crucial to understand […]

The Burden of Being Enough

I wonder what it was like, listening to this Man who knew all things, who had turned water into fine wine, who had healed the sick and the lame, who spoke with great authority. Sometimes when we read the words of Jesus, we think of Him as this thirty-something fellow on a three-year mission. We […]