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I don’t like Valentine’s Day

​Just gonna throw this out there… 

I do not like Valentine’s Day.

Maybe that’s because my spouse is sweet and loving to me every single day and extra when needed. Since December 2nd he has graciously taken on caring for me and our home, along with all his many responsibilities. On January 31st, just a few days ago, he held me up and walked through a long hard day right by my side. 

Maybe it’s because I see people get all caught up in spending what they don’t have in order to meet some expectation that is unknown and impossible. 

Maybe it’s because I have watched people have this great expectation go unfulfilled and their hearts become broken then bitter. 

Maybe it’s because we’ve become so sensitive that those who have a “valentine” aren’t really supposed to be excited about that because it will hurt someone who doesn’t have one. 

Maybe it’s because I’m just a hateful cynic who must swim against the flow. 

You see, Valentine’s day is a holy day that was set up to “Christianize” an annual pagan (Roman) ritual that included the sacrifice of a goat, then slapping women and crops with the bloody strips of its skin to input fertility to both. That just oozes love, huh? 

I tend to believe that the Saint Valentine for which this holy day was set to honor was martyred for not renouncing his faith in Jesus as Savior – agape love. And that has absolutely zero to do with what this holy day has become. 

So, my beloved Jack, no flowers are necessary. Candy is not required. Dinner at a fancy restaurant isn’t expected. I much prefer the tender moments you and  I share at home when no one else is around. I’d rather have the spilled popcorn and laughter at a movie we watch in our own living room. Don’t spend money. Instead, keep coming home to me day after day and I’ll consider every single day a monument to our love. 

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2 Replies

  1. Totally agree that true love is the little and big things that we share and do for each other every day. My lovely husband occasionally surprises me with random flowers. He is my support in the good and bad times.
    That said, we are having a very special meal tonight – my daughter has decided to cook for us.

    1. Faye

      Yes! I love the random flowers! My husband has been known to stop along the road and pick flowers for me. I love that.