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A Memorial for my Dad

My father suffered a massive stroke January 31, 2017 and passed away April 19th. Today we will celebrate his life. Tomorrow we will lay him to rest. I decided to share with you the eulogy and the video, both of which will be shared tonight. My Dad This man we’re here to honor this evening, […]

I don’t like Valentine’s Day

​Just gonna throw this out there…  I do not like Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s because my spouse is sweet and loving to me every single day and extra when needed. Since December 2nd he has graciously taken on caring for me and our home, along with all his many responsibilities. On January 31st, just a […]

Serene Saturday 

Good morning, y’all!  I’ve recently been sharing photos taken by my friend, Thomas D. Garner, a man who loves the lost and hurting with action and intent.  Today, no post, per se. Just some serene beauty from the lens of Tom. Whatever you get into, y’all have an amazing weekend!  Very soon I’ll share Tom’s […]

Don’t forget the Who for the what! 

It is easier to serve than to commune.

Bound up! (probably not like you think) 

​I hope you’ve got your cup of coffee or tea or Mountain Dew or Diet Coke. I’ve got something semi-important to share with you.  Now mind you, I’m not complaining here, but the realization has hit me that the bra I put on yesterday morning, is the bra I “get” to wear until Friday afternoon. […]

Beginning to the Mend

I am now in therapy. High time, you say? Probably so, but not that kind of therapy. Physical therapy. For my shoulder. You haven’t heard? No problem. Grab a cup, maybe a bite and let’s sit a bit.  I’ll bring you up to date. December 2nd started out as a normal day. I had plans to […]

My 3 Words

​The past several years I have participated in the #OneWord movement, to choose a theme word to focus on for a year. Most years I barely remembered my word, much less focused on it.  This year, I’m joining Chris Brogan in the #my3words challenge. Choosing three words that when written or seen translate into action.  For 2017, my 3 words […]

The Best Day Ever – The Truck

I was sixteen years old. My dad was working overseas in Indonesia. He had given me the Pontiac Catalina to trade in to get my own vehicle. Growing up in Kowtown, also known as Kissimmee, Florida, and being 90% tomboy, I wanted a pickup truck. Besides, my Driver’s Education teacher, Mr. Winbush, had said it […]

The Best Day Ever – A Son is Born

I met the guy when we were both working at Walt Disney World. I was a cast member in various locations: the Ice Cream Parlor, Sara Lee Bakery, Coke Corner and the Plaza Restaurant, all on Main Street USA. My department also included all the ice cream and popcorn wagons throughout the Magic Kingdom. He […]

Transitions: Daughter to Mother to Daughter

Some transitions in life are harder than others. I was the daughter. I grew up as the only child of my parents. Some think that means I was spoiled rotten. If rotten means that I received love and affection from the two people who mattered most to me in my childhood, then I was absolutely rotten. […]