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A Sudden Pause

Tuesday, January 31st at about 6:30 AM, the pause button was pushed in my life when my 93-year-old father suffered a moderate to severe stroke. Since I’m the only child, I’m the one called upon to handle all paperwork and all decisions as well as being there for him.  That means I won’t be writing […]

How to get what you want. 

What a relief to know that once you give up that notion of living without Him, once you put the energy into looking for Him – when you run after Him with the passion you chased after your own way – you will find Him!

When you don’t want to bother God with *that* thing

​More in-your-face wisdom from Charles Spurgeon coming your way. I changed some of the thees, thys and thous to their modern equivalents.   Pull up a chair, grab your cup of refreshment and let’s see if we can see Jesus saying some of these words, and then us saying some of them, too.  In Isaiah […]