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My 3 Words

​The past several years I have participated in the #OneWord movement, to choose a theme word to focus on for a year. Most years I barely remembered my word, much less focused on it.  This year, I’m joining Chris Brogan in the #my3words challenge. Choosing three words that when written or seen translate into action.  For 2017, my 3 words […]

Eulogy for Mom

My mother left this life on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. The words below are the words I shared at her funeral. Few people who were there knew Mom’s story, so I shared these words. Roberta Dover was born the fourth child and the first daughter to Herbert & Lula Dover in Clay County, Arkansas. She […]

The Art of Work Offers NO Magic

“A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do”? What a lofty subtitle! A ‘proven’ path? Who proved it? How can I know this plan will work for me? Excellent questions! So glad you asked! Jeff Goins presents this “proven path” in three sections, Preparation, Action and Completion, each section sharing stories of […]

Who You Are

There are times when we forget who we are, or we take on a definition from the wrong source. Here I present to you two videos from The Anima Series. I hope you will be encouraged by them. You are awesome. You are.   Who You Are: A Message for all Men Who You Are: […]