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How to get what you want. 

What a relief to know that once you give up that notion of living without Him, once you put the energy into looking for Him – when you run after Him with the passion you chased after your own way – you will find Him!


Ever have a bad day? Of course you have! Or did you? Maybe all that was needed to make it a better day was a change in perspective.  Grab your cuppa and let’s consider this thought.  Chanie Gorkin was a junior at Beth Rivkah High School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn when she was given a […]

Beginning to the Mend

I am now in therapy. High time, you say? Probably so, but not that kind of therapy. Physical therapy. For my shoulder. You haven’t heard? No problem. Grab a cup, maybe a bite and let’s sit a bit.  I’ll bring you up to date. December 2nd started out as a normal day. I had plans to […]

My 3 Words

​The past several years I have participated in the #OneWord movement, to choose a theme word to focus on for a year. Most years I barely remembered my word, much less focused on it.  This year, I’m joining Chris Brogan in the #my3words challenge. Choosing three words that when written or seen translate into action.  For 2017, my 3 words […]

Starting Recovery

Recovery. What a lovely word. It connotes a repairing, a renewing. The downside of it is that it means that there’s something to be recovered from: a motor vehicle accident, a surgery, a life. I found out the hard way last year that I needed recovery. It wasn’t a car wreck or surgery — though […]

Wednesday Playlist

Hey, Y’all! On Wednesdays, I think we should just take time out to talk about music. Do you listen to it? What is your favorite kind? Me? I like most every kind. I savor the classical notes of Mozart, Bach, Schubert and Beethoven. I enjoy the sounds of the 40s favorites like the Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller and […]