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I don’t like Valentine’s Day

​Just gonna throw this out there…  I do not like Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s because my spouse is sweet and loving to me every single day and extra when needed. Since December 2nd he has graciously taken on caring for me and our home, along with all his many responsibilities. On January 31st, just a […]

How to get what you want. 

What a relief to know that once you give up that notion of living without Him, once you put the energy into looking for Him – when you run after Him with the passion you chased after your own way – you will find Him!

Bound up! (probably not like you think) 

​I hope you’ve got your cup of coffee or tea or Mountain Dew or Diet Coke. I’ve got something semi-important to share with you.  Now mind you, I’m not complaining here, but the realization has hit me that the bra I put on yesterday morning, is the bra I “get” to wear until Friday afternoon. […]