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Serene Saturday 

Good morning, y’all!  I’ve recently been sharing photos taken by my friend, Thomas D. Garner, a man who loves the lost and hurting with action and intent.  Today, no post, per se. Just some serene beauty from the lens of Tom. Whatever you get into, y’all have an amazing weekend!  Very soon I’ll share Tom’s […]

My 3 Words

​The past several years I have participated in the #OneWord movement, to choose a theme word to focus on for a year. Most years I barely remembered my word, much less focused on it.  This year, I’m joining Chris Brogan in the #my3words challenge. Choosing three words that when written or seen translate into action.  For 2017, my 3 words […]

Six Steps to Sending Love in an Envelope

I shared on Facebook that I was preparing some cards to send to my dad. It seems to have struck a chord with folks, so I’ve decided to share the process with you. This doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, and really doesn’t take much time. Purchase blank note cards. One of your local dollar […]


…truly living life. a chapter from my book, Ramblings from the Shower Lord, I’ve never known anyone like Rich, who loved even as a teen and now loves and trusts You so completely in this season of his life when his body is dying. Where does that come from? How can I get to that […]