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Southern Fried Chicken

Hey, y’all! My husband says I make the best fried chicken he’s ever sunk his teeth into and while I’ve not won any prizes, his praise is all I need. I thought I’d share my “recipe” with you — and I use that term loosely because most recipes use measurements. I don’t. Okay, head to […]

Six Steps to Sending Love in an Envelope

I shared on Facebook that I was preparing some cards to send to my dad. It seems to have struck a chord with folks, so I’ve decided to share the process with you. This doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, and really doesn’t take much time. Purchase blank note cards. One of your local dollar […]

This Meal Takes Me Home (recipe)

Do you have a favorite home-cooked meal? One of those meals that when you hear that it’s being prepared you immediately start drooling? When you catch of whiff of it cooking, your stomach starts growling? For me, that would be pork chops, white rice with brown gravy and green beans. Add a brown & serve […]