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A new Bible habit in 21 days 

Good mornin’ to all y’all! So glad you dropped in! Grab a cup of coffee or tea or chocolate or whatever your taste buds are clamoring for and let’s visit!  I want to share with you something near and dear to my heart: Bible reading of the daily variety.  I use two Bible apps on […]

A View to the Future 

The thought of this future may well relieve the darkness of the past and the gloom of the present.

What’s it mean to ‘humble yourself’? 

​Someone asked this on Facebook, “James 4:10 Humble yourselves [feeling very insignificant] in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you [He will lift you up and make your lives significant]. What does the word humble mean according to this text? Please answer” Well, you know me, I felt those last two words […]

How to get what you want. 

What a relief to know that once you give up that notion of living without Him, once you put the energy into looking for Him – when you run after Him with the passion you chased after your own way – you will find Him!

Don’t forget the Who for the what! 

It is easier to serve than to commune.

Tired in it all

Somehow, though, many believers seem to have forgotten to be different and have opted instead for the satisfaction of meme one-upmanship as though in a boxing match where the only way to win is to get the best jab in.

The Christian’s Response to the President 

Hey y’all. Have you already had your morning cup? Maybe it’s time for a break? Let’s talk. I have heard quite a few people who profess to be believers in Jesus as Savior talk about how they will not accept the new president, they will never submit to him, never respect him. Y’all! This breaks […]

Don’t fall!  

​Hey y’all! I’m still loving “Morning and Evening” devotions by Charles Spurgeon. Even though it was published in 1869, the truths written there are still so relevant.  Get your coffee and let’s see what’s here for us today. Once again,  I’ve changed the thees, thys, and thous to today’s vernacular and all emphases are mine.  […]

When you don’t want to bother God with *that* thing

​More in-your-face wisdom from Charles Spurgeon coming your way. I changed some of the thees, thys and thous to their modern equivalents.   Pull up a chair, grab your cup of refreshment and let’s see if we can see Jesus saying some of these words, and then us saying some of them, too.  In Isaiah […]

Upping your Prayer  Game 

I’m learning to relish the writings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Though it’s written in the Olde King’s English, I’m enjoying his devotional book, “Morning and Evening.”  This devotion was about prayer. Grab a cup of coffee, let’s take a look.  In Psalm 109:4,  David says,  “I love them, but they try to destroy me with […]