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Bound up! (probably not like you think) 

​I hope you’ve got your cup of coffee or tea or Mountain Dew or Diet Coke. I’ve got something semi-important to share with you. 

Rainy view

Now mind you, I’m not complaining here, but the realization has hit me that the bra I put on yesterday morning, is the bra I “get” to wear until Friday afternoon.

Well, okay, not that very one. I will get to shower and install a different one each evening, but you get the idea, right? 

You see, since I fractured the unfunny humerus bone up at the shoulder back on December 2nd, I can’t do a lot of things. 

Arguably, the most crucial thing I can’t do is the hooking of my bra. 

That’s not a big deal when I have nowhere to go, because sitting here at the house alone requires no foundation garments. 

Oh, I guess I could go without this unseen part of my wardrobe, but really, no one wants to see that! Y’all can thank me later.

Not to mention the fact that my Southern mama would reach down from eternity and thump my head for walking out in public that way. It’s simply not done! 

See this week’s schedule? 

  • Monday – CR Inside @ jail 2:30
  • Tuesday – physical therapy 11:00
  • Wednesday – take Dad to doctor 10:00
  • Thursday – Dad’s pacemaker check 11:15
  • Friday – physical therapy 11:00

It’s going to be a very “binding week.” Since Jack leaves every morning by 6 a.m., my choices are to sleep in this contraption or get up at the crack of dawn to get ready for an appointment much later. 

Looking toward a week of full-time wearage, I’m reconsidering that one. 

I could call a friend. Ask her to come over and help once I’ve gotten my shower done. 

I mean, can’t you just hear the phone call to that friend? 

Hey, how you doing? 

Great! What’s up? 

I need your help with something. 

Sure! What can I do for you? 

Well….. I need help getting into my bra and getting it hooked up so I can go to town. 

You need me to just come and hook your bra for you? 

Yeah. Except I need you to… like… start to finish. Get everything put in place, then the hooking.

Oh, Faye! I’d love to help you, but I’m afraid I’m kinda busy…

Yeah, I just don’t see that working out well. 

Anyone feel my pain? 

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