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Gray Hair? Crepey Skin? Overweight?

Having watched much more television than usual for the past couple of days, I can understand the depression so many woman feel.

Every ten minutes or less, commercials run. For two solid minutes, women are told that being even the least bit overweight is wrong and having skin that looks older than 25 is horrible!

But look! There’s a solution! If you’ll spend only $50, you’ll get a month’s worth of smoother skin or the possibility of losing 2 – 10 pounds.

Ladies! Don’t believe this false message! It’s a lie from the enemy who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants you to think that this woman you are is not worth anything, and actually, you should pay to make you better.


You are made in the image of God Almighty. You were designed and created for this specific time and place. You might have a few extra pounds or a few gray hairs, maybe even that dreaded crepe skin. You probably don’t look like you’re 25 any more. Probably because you’ve already seen 25 come and go!

Your hair color, your weight, your skin do not define you.

You are of priceless worth.

You are of priceless worth.

You are of priceless worth.

Go ahead, say it to the woman in the mirror. (And if you’re a guy reading in, say it to the women in your life. They need to hear it.)

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