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About Faye Bryant

Hello! I’m Faye Bryant and I’m a writer.

You’ve landed at the home of my creative passions. It is among these pages that you’ll find my writings, my book, my photography, and more. I love stories of faith in God, Charleston, South Carolina, and Milky Way bars.

You’ll soon notice that my writings cover a wide variety of topics, I can ramble on about anything! I’ve been enrolled in the University of Life for a lot of years and I have many experiences to share. I love to  share simple faith and encouragement lived out authentically. I love to tell how I managed to survive my mother’s Alzheimer’s Disease mixed with vascular dementia, and her subsequent death. I want to share about the hurts and hangups of my past so that people can recognize danger signs, seek recovery and restoration.

Each week, I’ll share photos, scriptures and stories of God’s faithfulness to us that help us rely on Him in faith that doesn’t see, yet continues to believe.

So, grab a cup of coffee or a drink of your choice and let’s have a little talk.

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Whatever you choose, it will be nice to have you!


Who is this Faye Bryant?

I was born at a very early age in Florida and grew up there. Before I started school, we lived in a half dozen places. Married at 18, mom at 19, divorced at 30 with some huge hurts along the way. Remarried before 31, added two sons to the mix (without labor) and made my only child a middle child. I’ve survived two different kinds of cancer, an attacking gall bladder and ex-husband.

In 2009, I wrote a book, Ramblings From the Shower | Integrity, Faith and Other Simple Yet Slippery Issues about simple thoughts of faith. Doesn’t everyone pray in the shower? When you read it, let me know what you think.

Today has me living with my beloved husband, Jack, and Casey-The-Toy-Poodle. Our sons are grown and married. Two have made us grandparents, all three have made us proud. My dad is 91 years old, has fallen numerous times, is a danger on the road and is the primary caregiver for the love of his life, my mom, who was diagnosed with mixed mid-stage Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Keeping them on track and the washing machine knobs in place is almost a full-time job.

Experiences? I’ve had a few. I worked at Walt Disney World when I was 17. I’ve also worked in retail women’s clothing, as a grocery store cashier, as a waitress and hostess, bulk mail room clerk, private school teacher, Avon Lady, Tupperware Lady, Melaleuca Associate, rural mail carrier, data entry/inventory control for a convenience store chain, church secretary and communications coordinator, and scopist/proofreader.

I’m also a Christian Inspirational speaker.

Connect with me.

My blog is my home on the World Wide Web, but you can also find me on social media. I’d love to chat with you, so be sure to visit with me when you have the chance.