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Come on in and relax a bit. Step away from the chaos of the world out there and rest in stories of simple faith and ramblings about many different topics. I’m so glad you dropped in! I’m Faye (with an ‘e’) and I’m married to Jack. Between us we have three grown sons, two daughters-in-love and three grandkids.

I ramble on in this journal about many things, from simple faith to the complexities of recovery, hoping to help you and others find peace. I’ve also written some in a book. Sit a spell and soak in some Truth to your tired, aching soul. Ramble with me through this thing we call life.

Beginning to the Mend

I am now in therapy. High time, you say? Probably so, but not that kind of therapy. Physical therapy. For my shoulder. You haven’t heard? No problem. Grab a cup, maybe a bite and let’s sit a bit.  I’ll bring you up to date. December 2nd started out as a normal day. I had plans to […]

When you don’t want to bother God with *that* thing

​More in-your-face wisdom from Charles Spurgeon coming your way. I changed some of the thees, thys and thous to their modern equivalents.   Pull up a chair, grab your cup of refreshment and let’s see if we can see Jesus saying some of these words, and then us saying some of them, too.  In Isaiah […]

Upping your Prayer  Game 

I’m learning to relish the writings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Though it’s written in the Olde King’s English, I’m enjoying his devotional book, “Morning and Evening.”  This devotion was about prayer. Grab a cup of coffee, let’s take a look.  In Psalm 109:4,  David says,  “I love them, but they try to destroy me with […]

False Peace

“A darkened heart is a terrible thing, because a darkened heart may make a man peaceful. A man says—“My heart is not bad, I am not convicted of sin; all this talk about being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit is so much absurdity.” The natural heart needs the Gospel of Jesus, but […]

​How they knew he was Messiah. 

How we can believe, too. (from a brief study with Alfonzo Rachel) In Mark: “So they took Jesus in the boat and started out, leaving the crowds behind (although other boats followed). But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water. Jesus was sleeping […]

What happens when our view changes? 

The view is different. The snow is beginning its melt. Bare, wet ground is visible in places. What was pristine and beautiful is less so. Yet still so amazing, so lovely. Kinda like us. Changed from the original beauty to less-than-pristine, whether by our choices or those of someone else. Changed. And feeling that less […]

My 3 Words

​The past several years I have participated in the #OneWord movement, to choose a theme word to focus on for a year. Most years I barely remembered my word, much less focused on it.  This year, I’m joining Chris Brogan in the #my3words challenge. Choosing three words that when written or seen translate into action.  For 2017, my 3 words […]

Starting Recovery

Recovery. What a lovely word. It connotes a repairing, a renewing. The downside of it is that it means that there’s something to be recovered from: a motor vehicle accident, a surgery, a life. I found out the hard way last year that I needed recovery. It wasn’t a car wreck or surgery — though […]

Wednesday Playlist

Hey, Y’all! On Wednesdays, I think we should just take time out to talk about music. Do you listen to it? What is your favorite kind? Me? I like most every kind. I savor the classical notes of Mozart, Bach, Schubert and Beethoven. I enjoy the sounds of the 40s favorites like the Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller and […]

Southern Fried Chicken

Hey, y’all! My husband says I make the best fried chicken he’s ever sunk his teeth into and while I’ve not won any prizes, his praise is all I need. I thought I’d share my “recipe” with you — and I use that term loosely because most recipes use measurements. I don’t. Okay, head to […]